Thunder Muscle

by Thunder Muscle

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released May 4, 2014



all rights reserved


Thunder Muscle Bear, Delaware

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Track Name: Satisfaction
Every time I wake up,
I have a hard time noticing
I feel,
Like there's
Sense of
At first
Then it hits me.

All the worry and fear
Over things that will
Always be there
Angry that I have to focus life on wealth
All that matters is making money

I wish better for you
I hope you get what you want

I'm tired of
All these looks from you
Like I'm always in the wrong
Just by being me
Track Name: Words Are Inert
Some days I feel like i cant get the thoughts out
In a tangible way.
Most days it proves to be true.

I don't know anything, at least when it comes to understanding.
Its a constant back and forth.
Track Name: Wurm Rider
Routine everyday
Just to stay the same

I've got no pride
Sold it for an hourly wage
That's fine
Just great

Is that what you think of it
I feel so indifferently
Track Name: Entry-Level Failure
Ive got too many
things on my mind
ive gotta get away
I need some time

Everyday feels the same
When you're not feeling great
Track Name: Bad Trip
I wont remember anything you said to me
Until its over, until its done with it.
I don't wanna be such a mess

You say I walked through the room
of this place in shame
its sad cause Im really
not going anywhere at all

I feel it
coming up
before its
wearing off
Track Name: Stuck On Stop
God damnit
Wont you get this
Doesn't matter
What you're after
In the end they'll
Work you faster

Its not your fault
Life gets to hard and you fall apart
Its not in your best interest
To go on living this life of disinterest
Track Name: Poor Decisions
feels like a task
when i try to talk to you
about anything

I know its hard to hear
But sooner or later
I wont always be there
To see your efforts
Go for nothing
Track Name: I Heard You People Go Ape Shit Over This Stuff
Theres always that one thing
That i look forward to

That first split second of the day
Before i know my name

I haven't been reminded of the day before